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CAPTAIN claims the 2017 Living Lab Project Award by ENoLL

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) has opened the voting for the 2017 Living Lab Project Award competition. Last December, all ENoLL members were invited to participate and submit one or several projects they have worked on in 2017. As a result, ENoLL received 24 outstanding projects, leading by ENoLL members from different countries. The CAPTAIN project stands among them, claiming this year’s distinction.

Projects work on 13 different themes, namely: Smart Cities, Health, Open Innovation, Culture, Technology and Science, Public sector innovation and well-being, Citizen-driven innovation, Sustainability & Circular-economy, Technology and Science, Internet of Things, Gaming, Smart Grid & Energy, Tourism, Social Media.  

CAPTAIN is represented in the Health project category. It uses micro projectors to provide a smart home assistant for older adults whenever and wherever it is needed, leaving their cozy place as it is when there is no need. CAPTAIN introduces new tangible interaction means, based on Projected Augmented Reality in AAL Environments. All home interfaces turn into tangible interfaces for personalized information and reminders, enabling older adults to interact with the environment. The projectors turn off as soon as CAPTAIN detects that the older adults do not need any help, allowing them to enjoy their cozy place.

CAPTAIN combines the living labs’ power with the agile development techniques. The project elicits requirements until 6 months before the end of the project. To achieve that, it builds a network of stakeholders and older adults (relying on the network of the involved Thess-AHALL and PAILLON living labs) and combines co-creation with agile developments methodologies. When new Health features of the CAPTAIN system are ready, the living labs invite stakeholders from their network to interact with the CAPTAIN system and give their feedback. The feedback is then sent to the technical partners, prioritizing the requirements lists. When the new features are ready, a new sprint takes place. To start early enough, and before a prototype is ready yet, a 360 video of how the final solution is envisaged was captured. The stakeholders interacted with this video to give their initial feedback on the idea. On this first sprint, they were invited to come up with new use cases. For the hardware design, projected augmented reality technologies were used to depict the devices design and let them choose how the device will be.

CAPTAIN is an H2020 project coordinated by AUTH. For any further clarification on the CAPTAIN project, you can watch the following informative videos: link 1, link 2.

We invite you to vote for CAPTAIN here!

The competition will be open until Sunday 29 April 2018. Project winner will receive a free entry to OpenLivingLab Days 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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