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CAPTAIN Coach 3rd prototype is here!!! (video)

It's true! CAPTAIN eCoach system for older adults is now being given flesh and bones! 

A sneak preview of the CAPTAIN system and the provided User Interfaces are presented in the new video uploaded in the CAPTAIN YouTube channel.

CAPTAIN is using three different ways to interact with its users:

Projections: When the user is close to the projection surface and the system assesses that it is the right time for interaction, the system turns-on the projector, launching the interaction application. There is no need on the user’s side to take any action to kick-off the interaction.

Speech: Speech recognition and speech generation are employed by CAPTAIN to enable a hands-free interaction. This natural and intuitive interface is enhanced with gentle sound notifications to increase the levels of intuitiveness. Any text discussion that is projected from CAPTAIN can be also delivered to the user through the speech generation.

Body movements:  CAPTAIN monitors the environment to detect and recognize humans. Apart from the detection and analysis of natural body movements and gestures, CAPTAIN can detect objects that the user has touched and the presence in a certain, predefined area.

In that way, CAPTAIN achieves a gentle, intuitive interaction that does not have to be initialized by the user and instead is triggered by the user's actions and programme. 

Stay tuned, as more details on system's features and operation are coming in the next few months! 


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