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CAPTAIN Partners met in Switzerland to report the project progress

Between the 4th and 7th of March 2019, all CAPTAIN partners joined together on two important CAPTAIN project meetings in Lausanne - The Adjacent Technical Integration Workshop and CAPTAIN 5th plenary meeting. Both were kindly hosted by NVISO.

The Captain box was demonstrated. It has an embedded computer, connected to the micro-projector, speaker, microphone and a lot more components. Final further developments are needed in the software part - finalised touchpoint detection, head tracking system, and interface. Furthermore, partners were updated about technologies and two projectors were demonstrated.

Ethical and Security management is another important topic that was discussed. Partners were asked about the type of information that will be processed in the next sprints and living labs sessions, how it will be stored and how it will be captured to fulfil the requirements for ethical applications and data protection.

The Data Management Plan and the modified timeline of the data collection were presented as well as a graph on the special case of diary data (experimental datasets). The topic was finalized with a discussion about how data will be transferred from pilot partners to the encrypted database.

Sprint Planning and the future analysis work were discussed between all partners as important step towards the future business planning and exploitation.

A recommended scientific and commercial ecosystem was introduced, so as CAPTAIN to reach all the different types of stakeholders, coming from the business sector. An overview of the existing market for CAPTAIN in Europe was presented, focusing on the financially healthy and sustainable examples of Germany, the UK, France and Italy. A market analysis will be conducted to give all the insights needed to build a business model for CAPTAIN.

The meeting was finalized with the topics of Quality Management, KPIs and Risk Review.

The CAPTAIN project enters the second half of its development with successful intermediate results and good future planning.

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