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Salumedia’s workshop on e-health and potential synergies for CAPTAIN project

In the end of June, CAPTAIN project partner Salumedia held a 3-hour workshop on e-health at its premises in Sevilla, Spain. The main objective of the workshop, entitled “Introducing CAPTAIN to external institutions & potential synergies”, was to disseminate Salumedia's strategy and the CAPTAIN project to some of company’s close collaborators around the world. Researchers from Norway (University of Tromso - The arctic university of Norway, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, University Hospital of North Norway), Ireland (Beacon Hospital, University College Dublin) and the USA (Southern Methodist University) participated in Salumedia’s workshop, providing their points of view on the topics, describing their related research and identifying potential synergies.

Salumedia CEO Santiago Hors-Fraile presented the ideas of behavioural change and how it could be applied to mobile apps, while Salumedia Co-founder and Advisor, E-health PhD Researcher Luis Fernandez Luque presented the strategy of the company in both product development and the area of research. On his side, Salumedia R&D Manager Alejandro Rivero Rodriguez made a presentation of the CAPTAIN H2020 EU project, its objectives, project’s partners and the existing technology. Mr Rivero Rodriguez explained the relevance of CAPTAIN coach assistant for future Salumedia´s strategy.

Invited to the Workshop, Gillian O'Neill from the University College Dublin and Louise Brennan from the Beacon Hospital in Ireland introduced their PhD projects for mental wellbeing for cancer patients and the use of technology to increase physical activity for cancer patients, respectively. Finally, Norwegian partner, Gunnar Hartvigsen from the University of Tromso and the arctic university of Norway introduced his research group and his research interests.

 It seems motivation mechanisms in eHealth is a common area of interest between Salumedia and UiT. Both sides discussed and agreed on exploring potential partnerships for European projects in the topic of Big data and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status and quality of life after the cancer treatment. Following the workshop, some of the participants assisted to a lunch offered by Salumedia, where further discussions took place.

 It is noted that Salumedia is one of the first companies in Spain specialised in digital mobile solutions for the healthcare sector, serious games, gamification and patient empowerment. For further information on CAPTAIN project partner Salumedia, you can visit its website, here.

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