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Trento Smart City 2019: CAPTAIN was there!

The 3rd edition of Trento Smart City week, supported by the IEEE smart city initiative, was successfully held in Italy from 16-22 September 2019.  For eight days the Piazza Duomo in the city of Trento turned into a Digital Village, which hosted over 140 events, with 180 speakers participating in round tables, workshops and public presentations to explain to over 16,000 visitors of what it means to be "A Citizen at the time of the digital age".

The CAPTAIN project was there, represented by the Italian partners of the consortium, the University of Trento (UNITN) -one of the main organizers of the Smart City Week, the Province of Trento Healthcare Agency (APSS) and SocialIT company (SIT).

UNITN, APSS and SIT had a joined CAPTAIN dissemination and enlightening presentation in the framework of the event, trying to explain what it means to be "An Older Adult Citizen at the time of the digital age". More specifically, CAPTAIN research team members Giandomenico Nollo, Francesco Tessarolo, Barbara Gasperini, Giovanni Guandalini, Valentina Conotter and Giulia Onorati presented the CAPTAIN home eCoaching System for older adults and its co-creation methodology in a round table session, entitled “Intelligent environments for aging preserving independence and autonomy. An experience of co-planning in the square”. CAPTAIN partners implemented a live demonstration of co-design activities, used in the CAPTAIN Project, to explore how the co-design process of advanced technologies could be brought into the streets.

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