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Vicomtech partner “spreads the word” of the CAPTAIN project in the Adinberri Conference

Last November, and specifically on the 22nd of November 2018, Vicomtech, partner of the CAPTAIN consortium, participated in the Adinberri Conference, held in San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa (region of the Basque Country).

The Adinberri Conference aimed to share experiences and gather knowledge regarding the fields of active and healthy ageing (AHA). It is estimated that by 2031, the 46.5% of the population will be over than 55 years old in Gipuzkoa. This trend towards an ageing society poses a set of challenges and opportunities for which the local region is getting ready. Consequently, the Adinberri Conference, entitled “Challenges and Opportunities for healthy ageing in Gipuzkoa” was a unique occasion to analyse aging from all the different viewpoints; from innovation in care, to silver economy as an economic engine for Gipuzkoa.

In this framework, experts from the AHA domain described their local and international experiences in the conference, with the active participation of the public. The topics of the conference focused on older adults, raising the issues of healthy lifestyle, long-life education and training, home automation and architecture, business and innovation, public policies, healthcare and attention, as well as the issue of ethics and volunteering for the AHA domain.

On the occasion of the Adinberri Conference, Vicomtech, and more specifically the Director of eHealth and Biomedical Applications department of the research centre, Ivan Macía made a presentation, entitled “Home and environment for longevity: CAPTAIN project”, introducing CAPTAIN and raising awareness of its main objectives to the local Basque Country region.

You can watch the whole presentation of Vicomtech (in the Spanish language) about the CAPTAIN project here.

A few words about Vicomtech

Vicomtech is an applied research centre specialising in Advanced Interaction technologies, Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Computer Graphics and Language Technologies.

It belongs to, a strategic alliance of international applied research centres working in computer graphics and multimedia technologies. Vicomtech aims to respond to the innovation requirements of companies and institutions.

On an international scale, Vicomtech carries out cooperative projects through the various EC framework programmes. Concerning its role in the CAPTAIN consortium, Vicomtech is responsible for the CAPTAIN e-coaching system, developing the develop the behaviour and AI algorithms, so as CAPTAIN to provide personalised advice, guidance and follow-up for key age related issues in daily life which impact the person's ability to remain active and independent.

For more information about Vicomtech, you can visit its website:

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