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Workshop on living labs

Interested by the living lab approach, the agile development and  the  "Active & Healthy Ageing" domain, you are welcomed to attend in Nice this  workshop with the presence of practicians from #livinglabs and companies.  Registration:  

Topic: The workshop will focus on how agile methodologies are applied on Living Labs’ daily operational tasks from the requirements elicitation to product/service development. It is known that many traditional project teams and companies run into trouble when they try to define all of the requirements up front. Agile development enables the practitioners to elicit detailed requirements up front, while then they can also do the same when they actually need the information. It is particularly true for project and products in the healthcare domain, which investigate new ICT approaches aiming at a proof of concept or MVP (Minimum Viable Product), investment in detailed requirements documents early in the project which could be wasted when the requirements inevitably change (pivot), should be avoided. Therefore, the methodologies used in living labs based on user engagement, continuous feedback or continuous data collection, etc. throughout the project’s or product’s life-cycle seem to efficiently support agile development.

The scope of this workshop is to present knowledge and experience on methodologies used in concrete living lab projects coming  from the stakeholders (SMEs,..) or managers of living labs and to open a discussion on the impacts of the living labs in fulfilling the needs of companies for agile development in general but mainly in Active and Healthy  Ageing (AHA) domain.

Event Timing: February 8th, 2018

Event Address: 27 Rue du Professeur Delvalle, 06000, Nice, France

Contact us at

Organized by CAPTAIN H2020, Europearn Network of LIving Labs (Health Expert Group) and Francophonie Living Labs.
With the support of PAsteur Innovative Living Lab Of Nice (PAILLON 2020), Thessaloniki Active and Healthy Ageing Living Lab, LicaLab, ICT Usage Lab (Inria )

Hosted by 27 Delvalle, Nively

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