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2nd Place for CAPTAIN in the “LL Award 2017” by ENoLL

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) announced on Wednesday, 3rd of May 2018, the most voted projects of the Living Lab Project Award 2017 competition, according to the final results of the open, online voting, held from 6 to 29 April 2018. More than 2000 participants from the ENoLL community and beyond voted to select the most popular projects. CAPTAIN won the 2nd Place in the competition -out of 24 outstanding projects of 2017, leading by ENoLL members from different countries.

CAPTAIN is an H2020 project, coordinated by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and developed at the involved ENoLL members, Thess-AHALL and PAILLON, with the support of the AUTH Medical Physics Laboratory and Nively SAS, respectively. The main objective of the project is to provide a smart home assistant for older adults whenever and wherever it is needed, leaving their cozy place as it is when there is no need. CAPTAIN combines the living labs’ power with the agile development techniques. All home interfaces turn into tangible interfaces for personalized information and reminders, enabling older adults to interact with the environment. The projectors turn off as soon as CAPTAIN detects that the older adults do not need any help, allowing them to enjoy their cozy place.

All partners of the CAPTAIN project (AUTH, DIGIFLAK, DCU, INI, NIVELY SAS, N-Viso, SIT, UNITN, Vicomtech, INTRAS, HOLOLAMP, Salumedia, APSS and AMEN) want to express their acknowledgments to all those who voted for project’s candidacy for the 2017 LL Awards competition, as well as their warmest congratulations to the “Integration of Wearable Devices and Personal Health Records for Health Promotion Services” ( Living Lab: Living Labs Taiwan, Country: Taiwan) and “ project” (Living Lab: Laurea Living Labs Network,, Country: Finland) for their distinction at the 1st and 3rd places of the competition, respectively. 

It is noted that each project winner will receive two free tickets, one entry ticket for the OpenLivingLab Days 2018 (OLLD 2018) in Geneva, Switzerland and one for the Social Dinner.

Moreover, all projects, who participated in the Living Lab Project Award 2017, will be published in the yearly award publication. This publication will be disseminated digitally and as a printed version at major events and meetings. 500 copies of the 2016 edition were disseminated previously and on top of that, the competition gains a lot of visibility on ENoLL’s website and social media channels. You can find all 24 projects who have applied for the Living Lab Project Award 2017 here.

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