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“ACTIVAGE: Technical Session” in IoT Week Conference 2018, supported by CAPTAIN and vCare

ACTIVAGE project had an exceptional presence in the IoT Week Conference 2018, the most important European event addressing the latest trends in the IoT domain, held in Bilbao, Spain from 4th until 7th of June 2018. 

“ACTIVAGE Large Scale Pilot project” is one of the key sectors in the IoT for the “Active&Healthy Ageing” (AHA-IoT) domain, producing evidence of the value of IoT on fostering the deployment of Active and Healthy Ageing solutions in Europe, through the integration of advanced IoT technologies across the value chain, demonstrating multiple AHA-IoT applications at large scale in a usage context, in real operational conditions.

In the framework of the 2018 IoT Week, ACTIVAGE project was presented in the Exhibition zone of the Conference. Also, a collaborative event between P-15 projects -with the remarkable contribution of vCare Project- and ACTIVEAGE was held, including three technical sessions, organized by key invited experts from social and health care industry and user’s organisations to debate on two burning topics of AHA-IoT market: Smart Living Environments and Active and Healthy Ageing IoT solutions and technologies.   

CAPTAIN H2020 EU Project was actively present in the Conference, providing the necessary technical support to the "ACTIVAGE: Technical Session II”, facilitating the remote access of the PM-15 projects community. Eight PM-15 projects, CAPTAIN, vCARE, EMPATHIC, NESTORE, WellCo, COUCH, SAAM and Holobalance, remotely joined the session.  Key medical technology, consumer, electronics and communication leaders discussed on the potential of AHA-IoT, and how AIOTI (co-organizer of the session) and ACTIVAGE together can take the lead to boost growth of the AHA-IoT market, attracting the collaboration of the many European organisations that deals with IoT technology and with the ageing population issues in Europe.

It is noted that as an institution, the IoT Week Conference gathers the community of stakeholders engaged in developing new IoT technologies and solutions. A great number of SMEs working on digital health and AHA, AAL and Horizon 2020 (2017) PM-15 projects, H2020 ICT-IoT projects with use-cases in health and smart living environments for ageing well, AIOTI-WG5 members, Smart Cities rulers and other entities, interested in IoT advances in health and social care joined this year’s conference. 

In the following video you can watch the entire Technical Session II by ACTIVAGE in the 2018 IoT Week:

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