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APSS, Social IT and UNITN at the first Focus Live Festival in Trento, Italy

CAPTAIN project Italian partners, APSS, Social IT and UNITN, participated to the first Focus Live Festival in Trento, organized by Focus, the Italian monthly popular science magazine, in collaboration with the local science museum MUSE (18-20 October 2019).

Focus Live is the first festival in the Trentino province dedicated to science, in which visitors have the opportunity to live interactive experiences, participate in workshops, meetings, debates and shows.

The three partners presented both the CAPTAIN project and the AUSILIA project, the Living Lab implemented by University of Trento and APSS (the Healthcare Trust of the Autonomous Province of Trento), design to help people with motor, cognitive and sensory disabilities. The AUSILIA Living Lab and its personnel are currently involved in the co-creation of the CAPTAIN technology, based on Agile methodology.

Partners in the picture from the left: Francesco Tessarolo (UNITN), Barbara Gasperini (APSS), Valentina Conotter (SIT)

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