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CAPTAIN launches the SCRUM living lab methodology for H2020 projects

CAPTAIN project has defined a methodology that is used within the living labs and followed by all the pilot and the technical partners by involving end-users and stakeholders. The public deliverable D7.3 presents how the end-users and external stakeholders are engaged in the processes of design, implementation and evaluation, by defining the CAPTAIN Stakeholder community. This body is the official source of requirements for the CAPTAIN system throughout its lifecycle.

Given the radically new technologies and approaches that are sought by CAPTAIN, modern approaches dealing with high uncertainty and increased user satisfaction are presented in the context of the CAPTAIN project. The Design Thinking helped the consortium exploring the problem, the Lean Startup approach enabled the consortium to build the right things while the agile development made the technical partners build the things right, avoiding (to a certain extent) wasting resources. The deliverable gives also the framework for the evaluation of this combined approach by providing the corresponding evaluation tools.

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