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Irish Health Research Board hosts CAPTAIN among five Al success stories of the EU Horizon 2020 programme

In a special tribute to artificial intelligence (AI) projects funded through the EU Horizon 2020 programme, the Irish Health Research Board hosts CAPTAIN project among five success cases, coordinated and/or implemented with the active involvement of Irish affiliations, addressing topics including - e-smart home assistants, care for cancer patients and attempt to reduce sepsis-related mortality in babies.

Dublin City University, School of Psychology, Assistant Professor Louise Hopper, speaking about CAPTAIN project in the HRS publication, highlights that, ‘CAPTAIN explores how AI can be better used to analyse the data that the system collects about the individuals who use the system. For example, how characteristics of people can be used to identify profiles that can in turn improve personalised recommendations and guidance. We have had some interesting differences in how Data Protection Officers in different EU Member States interpret GDPR in relation to using data for advanced profiling. This is not a black and white situation; it is several shades of grey instead’.

It is noted that two Irish partners participate in the CAPTAIN consortium, the Dublin City University (DCU) and the Maynooth University (MU).

You can read the full article, getting informed about the rest of the covered Al projects, here.


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